Spineless Classics - Romeo and Juliet

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SIZE: this design is a single sheet at 700 x 500mm.

When I first saw Spineless Classics, I was instantly taken!  What an amazing idea, to place an entire book onto a poster.  I had to have one for myself, but trying to decide which one I wanted for myself was an extremely hard decision!
William Shakepeare's famous romantic tragedy tells the tale of the two star cross'd lovers and their mortally passionate affair. Switching between quick-witted comedy, high-blooded action and crushing horror with disconcerting ease, this is one play that transcends the ages and has gripped audiences and readers for over 400 years. Laid out in prose form, a paragraph for each speech, the entire play is presented with a striking heart-and-dagger design.
All Spineless Classics book posters are printed on heavyweight paper in sharp, lightfast ink which will not fade and have been designed have been designed for easy framing to fit in the Ikea frame series. The black border around the text is for effect on this website, it is not actually printed.


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