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'From You to Me' Journal - Mum

'From You to Me' Journal - Mum

Winner of the GA Gift of the Year 2008!!

Have you ever wondered what your mother was like when she was a child?

What was it like to be young back then . . . and what are the biggest changes she has seen in her lifetime?

Intrigued about what she enjoyed . . . or even how she met your father?

Interested in discovering fascinating facts about your ancestors?

What about you and your relationship with your mother . . .

. . . how did she feel when she was pregnant with you?

. . . what are her memories of you as a child and what made her feel proud?

. . . what does she like about you and is there anything she would change?

Each journal contains around 60 questions carefully designed to capture key information in both a deep and fun way . . . they are a guide to help record the precious memories, events, feelings and relationships in the family.

Scroll down to read some examples of the inspiring questions taken from this journal . . .

Tell me about the time and place you were born . . .

What are your earliest memories?

Please detail what you know of our family tree . . .

What were your favourite childhood toys or games ?

What do you remember about your holidays as a child?

What was the first piece of music you bought?

What would you do for a night-out when you were dating ?

Tell me about a special piece of music that you and Dad had 'just for you' . . .

What did you think when you first saw me after I was born?

What was the first word or words you remember me saying?

Before I was born, what other names had you thought of calling me?. . .

What were you most proud of about me when I was at school?

What are a few of your favourite things?

Describe the greatest change that you have seen in your lifetime so far . . .

If you were an animal . . . what type of animal would you be , and why?

Describe something you still want to achieve in your life . . .

Who or what has been the greatest influence on you?

What would you like your epitaph to say?

Tell me about the things that have made you happy or laugh . . .

Given your experiences, what piece of advice would you like to offer me?

These journals are hard bound with a ribbon book mark, and perhaps the perfect way to spend an afternoon with your mum.

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Hi Jane Wow that‘s fast service!   My previous purchase (the mum‘s journal) brought my mum to tears when she unwrapped it for her birthday on Saturday. She turned 78 & said that it was the most insightfull present that she had ever received. So with an endorsement like that, I just had to get Dad‘s thoughts written down as he will be 83 in October. I will give his one to him for Father‘s Day.   Thanks again Nicole


Hi Jane Recieved this today - fantastic service AAA+++ CheersNicole