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Coat of Arms and Family Name Origin - Framed
Coat of Arms and Family Name Origin - Framed
Coat of Arms and Family Name Origin - Framed

Coat of Arms and Family Name Origin - Framed

For a gift that is a little bit different, why not consider a Coat of Arms and Family Name Origin?

Coat of Arms began as a hereditary design in England in the twelfth century. Initially it arose as a means of identification on the battlefield, but as time went on it evolved into a status symbol. In later times, it was more those with 'blue blood' and upper classes that bore arms. Coat of Arms were given to families, rather than names, and for that reason there may be several shields per name, and this can also be dependant on the country of origin.

There are over 1 million Coat of Arms in my database and all our coats of arms come with an authenticity stamp. This means you can actually check to see which historical book they were taken from. Please be aware that others offering Coat of Arms may not have this authenticity stamp.

Compared to other surname histories you will get an in depth look into the surname history, and not just a few words. It may include variations on the name (e.g. Brown, Browne), first known recordings of that name including the date and where it was recorded, how the name originated (locational, baptismal etc),sometimes several early examples and recordings of the name and how family names originated. It may also include a description of the Coat of Arms, meanings of the colours associated with it and what the coat of arms symbols represent.

Gifted Memories' Family Name Origin and Coat of Arms are printed on a high quality colour photographic paper, meaning your professional coat of arms are clear and precise, and whether you choose the framing option or laminating, are well protected from damage.

The frame measures 11" x 14" in size with a luxurious gold wooden frame with beautiful detailing, and the gloss-printed certificate sits edged by a black matt-board, allowing the certificates to speak their story. The actual certificate measures 8" x 10".

Please be sure to check if your coat of arms is available on my database before placing your order by clicking on the link below. If your name is not listed, I may still be able to obtain it. Just send me an email and I will let you know if my sources are able to locate it for me.

As some names do need more research, time between ordering and dispatch may be up to two business days.

Search for your customised giftCheck if the name you require is available here!

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Don't just take my word for it, here is what other customers have said about this product. Jane,   Thank-you for letting me know that my parcel was sent yesterday. I appreciate you keeping me informed with everything as communication is VERY Important to me. I look forward to receiving my parcel & I do guarrentee   that you will have   future orders coming from me. I will also promise that I‘ll be highly recommending your services to my friends, again thank-you for keeping in contact with me.   Cheers!   Kathy.


Hello, I meant to contact you upon receipt of our recent order but our home computer has gone to be repaired so I have just managed to find some time here at work!! A HUGE BIG THANK YOU for the beautiful framed coat of arms and the lovely mug that you did (surname was Porter) – and a mug for my mum (Hodgson). The framed coat of arms/surname (Porter) is stunning (and the mug is terrific)– it’s for my husband’s 50 th birthday next month.  My mum who does genealogy will be stoked with her mug. I saw the similar thing at a local market but the frame and the style of paper had nothing on yours – a plain brown frame! (plus the mugs were more expensive). Thank you again, Michele Porter


Hi Jane. I just wanted to thank you from the bottom of my heart. All items purchased thru you are beautiful and have arrived safely. Thank You so much. I will definately shop again. Sincerely Tricia Cox


Hi Jane,   Thankyou for the quick email, It is for my mother-in-law. I am just as happy with this as I was at christmas with the coat of arms for our son and daughter in law.... (Joyce and Hopkins). They have just moved into their new home and have them both proudly on display in the study... I will be back as we have a few major birthdays this year.... thanks again and good luck on the impending arrival of bubby.   RegardsDebra


Hello, I just wanted to say i received my order today, when I opened the parcels I was not only impressed with the very protective packaging, but the quality of the products far exceeded my expectations! Thank you so much! These items mean a lot to me and will be cherished. I will have no hesitation recommending your site and will definately be ordering from you again. Thanks once again   Kathy Falcon-Green


Dear Jane, I must thank you for not only the safe and very rapid delivery of my orders, but for the wonderful quality of the framed prints.  The Coat of Arms/Family Name Origin was purchased for my Uncle‘s 90th birthday.  Trying to find a suitable gift for him has been, to say the least, a little daunting, but I now feel happy that he will love this gift. The other framed ‘The Day You Were Born‘, I‘m sure will be happily accepted by my son‘s partner who will be celebrating her 50th birthday tomorrow. Again Jane, many thanks for your great service and rest assured I will be using your business in the future and would not hesitate to recommend your service to family and friends. Kind Regards, Monica Collins

Monica Collins

    Thank you very much for your prompt service.  My order received today was great      and very much appreciated.         Regards       Maria Keshany


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