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Day You Were Born Package

Whilst it’s great to get a certificate of what happened on the day you were born, wouldn’t it be great to receive one from when you turned 5 years old, and also when you turned 21? Music, movies, events, they can all be remembered from those years and the memories are so much more vivid.

At Gifted Memories you can purchase a certificate package, with an ‘On This Day’ certificate from the day you were born, one from when you turned 5 years old, and one from when you turned 21. If it is an anniversary package, it can be ‘On This Day’ on the day you were married, one from the 10th wedding anniversary, 1 from the 25th wedding anniversary and so on. Please note that they all need to be for the same date i.e. 12/5/73, 12/5/93, 12/5/03, and not all different dates.

The certificates come complete with ‘On Your 5th Birthday’, ‘On Your 25th Wedding Anniversary’ etc etc and certificates can all be the same to keep a theme, or all different depending on the age.

These certificates are available in Australian, American British or Canadian information. Once you have selected the certificate you would like, there is a space at checkout for you to stipulate which version you would like.

To view all the templates, visit here and take a look at the photo's on the bottom of the can click on each photo to view larger versions.

Purchase Information
Purchase Information