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Elements Angel Waterglobe - Grandmothers Love

Elements Angel Waterglobe

Grandmothers Love

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Personalised Family Tree Necklace Sterling Silver

This necklace is the perfect way to display how precious your family is. Gifted Memories Jewellery is becoming famous for this necklace, with well over 100 now sold. If you see a Family Tree necklace, chances are it came from the Gifted Memories Jewellery jewellers work bench.

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Coat of Arms and Family Name Origin - Framed

For a gift that is a little bit different, why not consider a Coat of Arms and Family Name Origin?

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Majique Jewellery - Set of Four Bangles

Majique Jewellery

Set of Four Bangles

Majique's jewellery is proving to be a huge hit this year, and this set of four bangles is set to be the same.

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Grandma Jewel Box

Gorgeous jewel box just perfect for your grandmother or childs grandmother.

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Me To You Tatty Teddy 'I Love You Mum'

Tatty Teddy is the famous bear with the little blue nose. He's adorable, and very collectible. And most of all, very cuddly.

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Poetic Pieces Key Ring - 'Mothers'

From the Blue Turtles range of beautiful 'Poetic Pieces', this key ring is part of a growing phenomenom.

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'Adore' sterling silver necklace

You will 'adore' this stunning personalised hand-stamped necklace, perfect for so many different occasions.

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Name A Star Gift Box

New to Gifted Memories, the gift you give when someone has EVERYTHING!

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